Beautiful Days 3/29/2013

Today is such beautiful day. I have the windows open and hear the birds singing. It is Good Friday and there is something about this day that just feel ominous as we await Easter Sunday. I am busy getting pulling together our Easter Celebration, but I should be playing in the dirt getting some gardening done. Oh the to-do list this time of year!

Whole food/Chemical free eating has started to be challenge, along with “less waste” living.   This year we won’t have a candy filled basket. The typical chocolate bunny in the basket is a thing of the past.  Instead it is the Easter Trash can… Yes you heard right. We are giving Little C a much needed trash can filled with  juice, twist-able crayons, a few gummy bunnies, a CD of scripture verses, whole fruit ropes and some hair ties.  Most of the food items are special treats that aren’t purchased often around here and the other items are things that will get use. I am sure hoping they will be a hit.


2013-03-30 23.26.53

Our daughter came up with the menu for this years feast, Free Range Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Oven Roasted Broccoli, Resurrection Rolls & Chocolate Chip cookies.  This is much different menu than the past thanks to adding more real foods to our diet.

How are you celebrating this holiday? What is on your menu?

From the Farm,

Mrs. Aaron Menning

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