Culture Shock 3/29/2013

Daniel 1:5- 1:16

Websites/blogs I like that have information, instructions,  stories  & recipes:


Cultured Foods:


Information on GMO’s:


Places I shop:

chicken & other meats

herbs, spices, teas, items to make soap, lip balm etc.

fruit, veggies, dry goods, pantry items, crackers, juice, some  toiletries & condiments

Local Honey & eggs

heirloom seeds for growing

more information on gardening/seeds  


Other Links of interest:

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One Response to Culture Shock 3/29/2013

  1. tofu rezepte says:

    Research indicates that those who eat a plant-based diet tend to
    reap many health improvements, from reduce cholesterol levels and cancer rates to reduce heart
    attack and obesity rates. Having these starches every once in the while is ok, just don’t convert
    it into a habit until when you reach your ultimate goal weight.
    Now, she eats tofu, veggie burgers, soy cheese, and quinoa.

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