Swarm 5/30/2013

While mowing back by the bee hives I noticed a swarm in a near by tree and decided to try and get it, below is the adventure that followed.




When I got back to get the bees it looked like there was another swarm about ready to happen.  There were bees all over the place, which is what happens just before a swarm happens.



Luckily the swarm was close enough to the ground that I could get it with a short ladder.



Since I was the only one available when I cut the branch the swarm got a little spread out, but it was still on the branch.



I knocked as many of the bees into the hive as I could, we will see if I got the queen tomorrow.  After I got most of the bees into the hives there were still a lot of bees flying around.



A lot of bees started gathering on the tailgate of the truck, and I noticed the queen walking around.  I didn’t have an empty hive with me so I walked back to the house and got another hive.





When I got back to the truck there were a bunch of bees on the tailgate, but I could not find the queen again.  I brushed as many as possible into a bucket and dumped them into an empty hive, we will see tomorrow if I got the queen or not.








There was still quite a few bees in the back of my truck when I got done, we will see if they are there tomorrow.




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