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Honey Cough Syrup

Cough season is here.  In our family quest to be more natural, label reading has become a pastime.  All the chemicals in traditional cough syrup is enough to make any label reader cringe and wonder what kind of side effects … Continue reading

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So what do you do with 40 pounds of Chicken? 2/24/2014

Last Tuesday a 40 pound box of chicken from Zaycon foods (click for the link) had my name on it.   Several of my friends ordered too, so I invited my self over to my good friends house (where they … Continue reading

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Zaycon Chicken 2/10/2014

Last night, I shared with you about Zaycon. I deliberated, but Mr. Menning,  quickly gave his reply, “buy the chicken.”  It is really pretty simple I suppose, he knows I like meal planning and get all excited about these kinds … Continue reading

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Chicken in Bulk 2/9/2014

I love bulk cooking, also known as Freezer Cooking or once a month cooking.  This love affair with my freezer started when I was young wife and  working full-time, I learned spending a Saturday cooking meant homemade meals for 2, … Continue reading

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