Chicken in Bulk 2/9/2014

I love bulk cooking, also known as Freezer Cooking or once a month cooking.  This love affair with my freezer started when I was young wife and  working full-time, I learned spending a Saturday cooking meant homemade meals for 2, sometimes 3 months  and it saved money because it kept us from going out to eat.  Now as a more seasoned  wife and mom it helps simplify life and there is  *something* on hand for dinner — as long as it gets pulled out of the freezer.

Most of the time bulk purchases are for  pantry staples like oatmeal or flour, but a few times a year meat is on the list, a side of pork or a side of beef, but now I am debating — should I order 40 pounds of chicken breast from Zaycon? (If you are wondering about Zaycon, it is an amazing little secret. Great prices on bulk meat here is a link: )

We raise Chickens and I know this isn’t the same quality and I would never give up having pastured chicken. Have you tried pastured chicken? It is a culinary wonder and oh the broth,  I digress.  Sometimes I miss boneless skinless chicken breast.  They are easy to prep and make some fast meals.

What would I do with 40 pounds of chicken?
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Parmesan
Cheesy Chicken Bundles
Chicken Packets
Cooked shreaded Chicken (ready for soup, burritos, pot pie, or any recipe that calls for cooked chicken!)
Lemon Chicken
Alice Spring Chicken
BBQ chicken
Coconut Chicken
and any other marinated wonders I come up with

So what do you think? Should I  take the plunge and share with you the meals and recipes I end up making?

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