Zaycon Chicken 2/10/2014

Last night, I shared with you about Zaycon. I deliberated, but Mr. Menning,  quickly gave his reply, “buy the chicken.”  It is really pretty simple I suppose, he knows I like meal planning and get all excited about these kinds of things.

So 40 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast will be here Tuesday morning.  This morning the event was sold out! I must have been one of the last few cases.   40 Pounds?  Does that sound overwhelming? I keep telling myself, it really isn’t *that* much.

The hardest part is figuring out recipes.  Right now it looks a paper tornado hit my living room. I do love looking at recipes. I have several in mind.  Always projects going on here.

When you plan to do lots of cooking it is best to find a few recipes that you want to make in bulk.  Stop back by later to see how to deal with 40 pounds of chicken and how to plan for a bulk cooking session.

From the Farm,

Mrs. Aaron Menning

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