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Fizzy Water from Yuck to Yum! 3/28/2014

Well by itself this fizzy water has a salty bitter bite, let’s just say to this former soda addict, YUCK.   After getting rid of soda there must be SOME WAY to get carbonation that doesn’t taste awful and isn’t … Continue reading

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Kombucca the making of a great tea Part 2 3/24/2014

Welcome back. Last time we talked about making Kombucca. You can enjoy it as soon at this point, but if you want to take your kobucca to the next level. . . . You can make it fizzy and add … Continue reading

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Kombucca the making of a great tea Part 1 3/21/2014

Today I am sharing  about the probiotic drink that made it possible to kick the soda habit for good, Kombucca.   Five years ago,  I was working a trade show and had a horrible sinus infection. One of the ladies mentioned … Continue reading

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The New Change — No more Soda? 3/19/2014

Well I have attempted to give up Soda for a long time, actually many times. It has been my nemesis. The one thing I held on to during the quest for better eating. Homemade chemical free versions replace the processed … Continue reading

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets 3/10/2014

One of my favorite go to meal ideas is homemade chicken nuggets. They are not only super easy, but kid friendly. Recipe: 2 or 3 chicken breast cut into pieces egg (beaten and used if you need more goo to … Continue reading

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Cafe Mocha without milk or sugar? 3/3/2014

Love mocha all over again if you are milk free and sugar free… Yummy! Continue reading

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Quick way to save $150+ a year 3/1/2014

This is a Post from the man of my dreams about some changes to his daily routine:  Two years ago frustration mounted at the cost of replacing razor cartridges and shaving cream.   I started looking for alternatives to cut … Continue reading

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