Keifer Soda 4/10/2014

Water Keifer is  one of those probiotic super stars. It is a fermented drink that provides  a healthy dose of good stuff to your body.
Fizzy Water
To make Water Keifer you must first find water Keifer grains.  (email

You then add a 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 quart of water and then toss your grains in . Let it sit for a day or sometimes a few days.
Mine is usually ready after 2 days, but in cool weather it can take up to a week.

After it is sweet with a little tang and doesn’t taste like sugar-water, I strain out my grains. I use this tea strainer and put it in my funnel. Makes filling a bottle really easy!


Then add some juice or lemon to flavor it a bit and sometimes if I really want something super sweet a bit of stevia.  I also like to add chopped strawberries or crushed blueberries to plain Keifer water and let it sit a day or so to second ferment. Little one begs for  the strawberry and loves the probiotic berries!


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