So what has been going on at the Farm?

Well my friends, We here at the farm have been a little silent. So sorry. We have had a few things going on here at the Farm. Let me tell you about the past few months:

1) Our blueberries were hit with Japanese Beetles… they have become the bane of my existence. We have been working hard to keep them away and to save the plants — using sustainable good for the land, good for the people ways to control them… which means lots of WORK.

2) Little Farmer Girl’s favorite Chicken died when we got a heat wave earlier this month, she just keeled over from old age. Then about a week later the Easter chicks were attacked by a raccoon and *every* single one that had a name met its maker. We buried them all and so it has been very sad around the farm for her. We went from 24 birds to 2  overnight. So heartbreaking.

3) We started working our local Farmers Market on Wednesdays and most Saturdays and it has made for a hectic summer, but we have loved getting to know new customers and creating some fun new products to sell! In a few months we should have some new things to add to our Etsy store.

4) The Garden is in and growing. So far we have harvested a bunch of potatoes and onions and the herbs are growing like crazy. Looking forward to the harvest and to canning a few things. We have had these crazy HUGE green beetles that buzz like the beehives – I need to figure out what they are. If you know post a comment.

5) Beeswax from last years harvest is finally getting rendered and will be ready to make some creations soon!

I’ll keep you posted on the fun projects we have had going on, but we need to get the camera fixed first. Which is why I haven’t been blogging as much. It isn’t much fun to just read text… those pictures sure add some punch.

From the Farm,
Mrs. Menning

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