Little Stores Here We Come…

We spent the morning at K-State’s Innovation kitchen getting licensed to sell honey (as in we can be in a store)!   Under Kansas Law selling from the farm and at farmer’s market falls under different rules, but we have had a few small stores inquire about carrying our honey.  It has been so sad to turn them away, but now we can say YES. (Insert happy dance).

We were even given a tour of the hospitality space at K-State’s Innovation drive location and of the classrooms. What a great little hidden little gem in Olathe. I didn’t even KNOW you could rent a commercial kitchen to use —  Let alone have one so close to home.  Yet another learning entrepreneurial learning experience! Someone should write book about starting a business… I digress.   The staff at K-State is super helpful. My only regret is that I didn’t take pictures to share with you, but they do have a website.  There are always regrets though right?

So if you ever need a kitchen –This one is really great….

Now I need to work on labeling honey. Did I tell you we bottled ALOT of honey today?

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