The New Year

The New Year brings with it resolutions, fresh starts and new ideas. It invokes a time of new beginnings. Around the farm we have enjoyed the slower paced winter days and have started to get caught up on a few things that get out of control during the busy farmer’s market season.

In 2016 I want to implement a few things around the farm and around the house. A few things I want to get done this year start with a clutter purge. Where does all this stuff come from? I promise it multiplies.

  1. My first challenge is to get through my closet (after we get the Christmas tree down… I told you we were enjoying the slower pace right?) and get rid of dust gathering clothes. Then I want to systematicly hit the rest of the house. I read the book by Marie Kondo “The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up” and loved it. It has me motivated. Have you read it?
  2. We (as in the family) also are going to go on grocery spending diet… We won’t starve I promise! My freezer is stocked with some freezer meals, a side of pork and beef and over the summer I canned lots of produce complements of the Farmer’ Market and some generous friends and our local Amish Community.  So we have lots of good food to eat, I just need cook! I’ll still purchase a few items, but we are going to limit spending  and take a challenge. Anyone want to join me in a clean out the kitchen challenge?
  3. We want to get some trees planted and work outside in the garden… Anyone want to come help us? We can always use help out here. I’ll feed you. We are constantly putting in lots of sweat equity around here.
  4. The Mr. wants to start riding bikes. So this year we will be riding as a family… He has forgotten about the last couple times I was on a bike (I still have scars from one great fall that I had. I digress)

    So how about you? What are you working on this year?  Did you make some resolutions?  Please share them in comments.

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