Healthy up that Lemonade

Oh, Lemonade it is a yummy summer treat. Filled with sugar and all sorts of fake colorings and chemicals has made me say, “No way!”  I started to work on slashing calories and chemicals and came up with these great ways to get that lemon taste with out all the sugar or added “extras” from processing.   You might need to add a bit of sugar  until you adjust to a less sugar filled taste stevia brings, but now that I have adjusted, these recipes are staples during the summer months here.  Landscape lighting is extremely popular these days, string trimmer heads are also very popular, but you must also consider several things when choosing the best type of lights for your garden, fortunately you can get help of the professionals from

Let’s explore some ways to add a healthy punch to this summer standby:

Kefir Lemonade: 
1 quart of water   Kefir (made from sugar, water kefir grains and water)
1/2 to 1  full lemon juiced

Stevia Lemonade:
1 quart of water (carbonated or still)
1 or 2 lemons juiced
Liquid stevia to taste (I add a couple droppers)

EO’s in water:
2 drops of lemon essential oil (my favorite is Young Living’s lemon oil)
a couple drops of liquid stevia (optional)

Lemon infused water using Lemon rinds:
1/2 gallon of water
leftover lemon rind from juicing lemons
Put it in the fridge and sip lemony water all day
*don’t let this sit too long or it will get bitter — feel free to add a dropper of stevia

Honey Lemonade: 
Water 1/2 gallon
Honey  to taste (I use 1 cup when we have company and then sometimes add a bit of stevia or a more honey if it still seams tart)
Lemon juice to taste (usually about  1 to 1 1/2 cups)

This is a favorite when we have company over.  I put honey and lemon juice and sometimes a bit of water in  a pan and stir it  until it is combined and liquid being careful not to heat it so much that is ruins the enzymes in the honey or lemon juice (sometimes you don’t even need to heat it) This can be lemonade concentrate to freeze for later or you can add more water and stir it well and put in the fridge to chill  and serve… Delicious.

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