Price List (Subject to change):

1/2 pound glass jar $6.00 Sold Out

12 oz. plastic bear $7.00

1 pound glass jar $8.00

2 pound glass jar $15.00

4 pound glass jar $28.00

5 pound jug $34.00

1 gallon jug (12 pounds) $75.00

Honeycomb $12.00 Sold Out

3-1/2 oz bee pollen $9.00

7 oz bee pollen $14.00

To place an order please contact us at order@smallbarnfarm.com.
Email orders should be for pick up at the farm. It is helpful to include what size(s) you are interested in and when you would like to pick up.

From April until October you can meet us during Farmers Market on most Saturday’s at the Downtown Olathe Farmers Market at the new community center.

Small Barn Farm is about sustainability and reusing what we have that is one reason we use glass jars. If you return the jar it will be sterilized and recycled!

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