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Homemade Chicken Nuggets 3/10/2014

One of my favorite go to meal ideas is homemade chicken nuggets. They are not only super easy, but kid friendly. Recipe: 2 or 3 chicken breast cut into pieces egg (beaten and used if you need more goo to … Continue reading

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So what do you do with 40 pounds of Chicken? 2/24/2014

Last Tuesday a 40 pound box of chicken from Zaycon foods (click for the link) had my name on it.   Several of my friends ordered too, so I invited my self over to my good friends house (where they … Continue reading

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Zaycon Chicken 2/10/2014

Last night, I shared with you about Zaycon. I deliberated, but Mr. Menning,  quickly gave his reply, “buy the chicken.”  It is really pretty simple I suppose, he knows I like meal planning and get all excited about these kinds … Continue reading

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Chicken in Bulk 2/9/2014

I love bulk cooking, also known as Freezer Cooking or once a month cooking.  This love affair with my freezer started when I was young wife and  working full-time, I learned spending a Saturday cooking meant homemade meals for 2, … Continue reading

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Building the Barn 11/1/2011

After moving to the country, we decided we needed agricultural buildings like a coop if we had any hope of raising our own flock for meat and eggs. According to Indigo Surveys topographical survey during the design and construction, the “coop” ended up looking more … Continue reading

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